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Trustglobal Technologies limited

Wherever learning takes place in West Africa, Trustglobal aims to provide the tools that elevate the education experience. We believe that learning should be accessible anywhere, any time, and offer learners the best possible experience. We are passionate about the way technology can enable availability of round the clock learning across all avenues including universities, school classrooms, and professional training and development in private and public sector environments.

Our Vision:

A World Inspired to Learn. We want to have a lasting impact on the world through the work that we do. Inspiring people to learn and to have a passion for life-long learning will not only create a more educated world—it will leave a powerful legacy and a lasting impact on society.

Our Mission:

To Reimagine Education in West Africa. We will challenge conventional thinking and help advance new models of learning. We will create and deliver the technology and service solutions that change the way education is delivered and experienced all across West Africa.

Develop a world class educational experience

Schools of all types face significant challenges in meeting increasing competition, showing differentiation, involving parents, creating efficiencies and continually improving the learning environment. Technological innovation has enabled schools to create a competitive edge, and Trustglobal is at the forefront of partnering with them to meet these challenges.

Providing world class education in a time of great change

Nigerian institutions have to be able to compete globally. This demands an ever increasing quality of educational experience delivered by an institution in order to attract and retain students. Trustglobal is at the forefront of partnering with Institutions to build a better educational experience, helping institutions to deliver in new ways in the classroom and beyond.

Smart organisations understand that great results come from an engaged, informed workforce

Trustglobal provides the learning and communication tools needed to deliver personalised, flexible and cost effective trainings anytime anywhere. Grow your business by growing your people.