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Blackboard Learn™

Engaging, efficient, agile: there's more to Learn
Education flourishes with engaging learning, efficient teaching and agile institutions. Blackboard Learn™ is the core technology thousands of organisations use to pursue a great educational experience as it delivers the technology, services and support they expect in a virtual learning environment. read more

Blackboard Collaborate™

Online Collaboration that engages everyone, anywhere.
Engage your tech-savvy, mobile enabled learners. Offer them a rich platform to connect and interact with you, each other and their learning content. Blackboard Collaborate offers a real time teaching and learning experience through virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces on the web or on mobile. read more

Blackboard Analytics™

Improve Institutional Performance by better, faster, data-driven decisions
Sound executive decision making is at the heart of a flourishing Institution. But the data on which to make choices is often dispersed, and hidden deep in discrete enterprise systems. Blackboard Analytics brings all your enterprise data together, and using proven Higher Education data models yields actionable information from it, fast.
read more

Blackboard Mobile™

Everything they need: here, there, everywhere.
Students love mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and everything in between. So naturally they want to learn on them. Blackboard Mobile Solutions meets that demand with two sophisticated mobile platforms: Mosaic by Blackboard extends campus services and student life to their device, and Blackboard Mobile Learn brings the learning experience in the palm of their hand. read more